TTI Connector/Kit


TTI – Connector/Kit



Connector for Glock™ G42 and G43 pistols (Connector ONLY, NO springs)


GRAND MASTER 3.25lb Connector Kit for ALL other Glock™ pistols


Any great shooter who knows their way around a Glock™ will tell you that the key to having the optimal set-up is a great connector kit and extra springs. When we sent out our new TTI Grand Master 3.25lb Connector Kit to some of the world’s top shooters, and we received a unanimous ” Holy !@#$, dude! “.

Glock’s™ advertised 5.5lb trigger pull actually measures out at 7-7.75lbs on average. The Grand Master 3.25lb Connector Kit brings down the trigger pull to 3-4lb with no gunsmithing!

This trigger package will provide the lightest, smoothest, and cleanest trigger break you’ll ever put into your Glock™. Made from extremely hard SAE 1075 Heat-Treated Tool-Steel, highly polished, and the only connector that is electroless nickel plated ( MIL-C-26074E Military Standard ). This process achieves a light, clean smooth break with specially designed chrome silicone springs to remove some of the take-up and add a faster reset while reducing brittleness. Top shooters from around the world attest to the superiority and competitive excellence brought by the Grand Master connector kit. Shooters such as; Bob Vogel ( World and National Champion ), Nils Jonasson( National Champion ), Shane Coley ( National Champion ), Blake Miguez ( National and World Champion ), Shannon Smith ( National Champion ), Manny Bragg, Dustin Ellerman ( Top Shot Winner ), Randi Rogers( National and World Champion ), Kieth Garcia( 3 Gun Nation Champion), Gabby Franco ( Top Shot ), and Allie Barrett ( World Rim-Fire Champion ).

G42/G43 model – includes:

1) TTI Electroless Nickel Plated Connector

ALL other models – Kit includes:

1) TTI GM Electroless Nickel Plated Connector, 1) TTI Reduced power Striker Springs, 1) TTI Trigger-return Springs

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Fits ALL generations including Gen 4’s, the new G30S and G41.


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